20 Works — February 5, 146 BC Punic Wars ended; as did the power of the great Hannibal Barca, with footnotes

After Giulio Romano
Detail; Zama’s Battle, c. last third of XVI century

Oil on canvas
144×209 cm
Pushkin Fine Arts Museum, Moscow.

The Battle of Zama in the summer of 202 BC marked the end of the power of the great Hannibal Barca. With its greatest son, also Carthage should be at a virtual end. True, it should limp on for some time, but with its defeat at the end of the Second Punic War it no longer was a significant power.

Zama also marks the pinnacle in the career of the outstanding Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio, whose reforms to the Roman army made him legendary.

In 204 BC, after fourteen years of war, Roman troops landed in North Africa with the goal of directly attacking Carthage…

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